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It helps if you’ve been doing your squats, but if you need a little extra assistance for this move you thought only worked in movies, Britton says there are a few tricks to pulling it off without breaking a hip.

says that standing sex is a huge rush that will make you feel like the most macho sex god around—and your partner will agree.

“Start off your sex session in the spooning position, with you behind her as the big spoon and both of you on your sides,” she says.

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“There’s an element of voyeurism and exhibitionism that a lot of women fantasize about,” he explains.

You can watch her touch herself, or let her watch you.

If you’re not sure getting a little rough is really her (or your) thing, baby steps are fine.

According to Kerner, it can be as simple as renting porn with similar themes and watching it together, or if you’re into it, you can pick up some basic gear, like restraints, a riding crop, or nipple clamps.

You don’t actually have to skip bathing—just dump the artificial scents so that your woman can smell your own distinctive, personal musk, which she won’t be able to get enough of.