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Tsit zikh mayn lidele, eynzam un troyerik, trerelekh heysinke gor on a shir.

Zise derinerungen, kindershe, herlekhe lebn in harts uf bay mir.

Hershl is no longer here; his wife is no longer here. ד I treat poverty as if it were nobility, my head hurts from all my running around. צ Holy rabbis, Rebbes, know already that it’s not good to be vulgar. We will all down a good drink, And I dance a joyous hop-tshik-tshak! ש Purim is already here, a real holiday for me, I carry from door to door. The recording was made by Leybl Kahn in the Bronx in 1954. A fish hot im ousgeshpign tsirik Hobn di yidn gezeyn, vus se iz gesheyn. Yofe was born in 1865 in Salant, near Kaunas/Kovne.

I run and run as an fool, so I dance a joyous hip-tshik-tshak. In a little whiskey I find nothing to waste; So I dance a joyous hop-tshik-tshak! Two newer interpretations of this song based on LSW’s version have been recorded: the German/USA group Myridian on their recording of 2004 and one by the singer Eleonore Biezunski and her group Yerushe on the CD Yerushe/Heritage in 2016 (you can hear part of the song at this link). He came to the US in 1892 and died in 1938 in the Bronx, NY.

As she states at the beginning of this video-recording made in Montreal, July 2017, she learned Avreymele melamed Avreymele melamed. And you whisper to everyone: it will be better from now on.