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The price and process mean only the dedicated remain – but equally, can lead to people dropping out mid-process.

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Cons: The lengthy survey you must complete before you sign up.

It is 100s of questions long and asks many probing questions about religion and moral views.

Pitches itself as the site to go to for ‘serious, lasting relationships’ and marriage – which may well be refreshing to some in the current dating climate.

Psychologists and dating experts guide you through each step of the process – including messaging, which is somewhat structured and scripted – and there’s an anonomisation function for calling.

There are no compatibility filters, so once you’ve filtered by the basics, there’s no way of narrowing it down.

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    Back at the office we have made some changes too, improving on security and customer support.

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    Trust Score ensures robust verification of all user profiles through their Facebook and Linked In accounts.