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Pierre Verlet, however, has recently drawn attention to the fact that the distinction allows room for a good deal of extension.

Console tables supported in front and attached at the back to the boiserie (the console d'applique), the carving of the support matching the remainder of the panelling, were certainly not mobile. The independent armoire by its very size and weight is semi-permanent, and if it was originally carved to match a particular boiserie it was even more static in intent, even though it has today been divorced from its original setting.

Nevertheless, the distinction is an important one to a proper understanding of the period.

The principal methods of decoration in wood during the period under review, apart from wood carving, are marquetry, veneering and parquetry. Thin sheets of rare wood of good figure are sawn and glued to a carcase of some commoner wood like pine or oak.

At this time the technique of inlaying, extremely fashionable in Italy, was in France the province of the menuisier, but when it was replaced by more sophisticated techniques such as veneering and marquetry in the early years of the 17th century, the most skilled menuisiers became known as ebenistes, a term often translated as 'cabinet-maker' which again is not strictly accurate.