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And on behalf of all teenage girls who feel the need to put themselves down in self-defense, we need more of that.

Road Trip is a 2000 American comedy film directed by Todd Phillips and written by Scot Armstrong and Phillips.

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The university seen in a flyover in the opening scene is actually Harvard University, the same footage was later used in the film Old School in 2003.

The diner scene was shot in Lawrenceville, Georgia at the Gwinnett Diner, as it says on the coffee mugs.

After a one-night stand with his friend Beth, Josh discovers that his sex with Beth has been taped, and, through a series of misunderstandings, the tape was sent to Tiffany instead of his latest blog entry.

This prompts a road trip in which Josh and his friends set out for Austin to intercept the tape before Tiffany gets a chance to view it.

If you were to describe their personas, you'd need to mention their weight, because it's a major part of their character.