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Just looking for people outside of North America,preferably English speaking. I have been married 22 years (Strong in friendship, but weak in love) Am retired. I am friendly, likeable, respectful and courteous, I tend to treat others as I would expect to be treated, after all common courtesy costs nothing. :) I don't care how you look like as long you're under 25yo. I am learning English and German, I love listening to ' Rammstein', enjoy reading. I would like to meet interesting people here, age does not matter, feel free to text me. its easier to talk there IF YOU ARE HERE TO SCAM MONEY, TRY SOME ONE ELSE.

I love comedy,music, British panel shows,almost anything pre-1990(movies, TV,music). I Am not one of these people that disappear after a few emails, without saying so. Btw I'm here to find FRIENDS not relationship stuff like that bcs I already have one. One of my favorite books is ' Clockwork orange'. I DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO PEOPLE I MEET ON THE INTERNET.

If you find that you've crossed paths with someone, whether that be once or multiple times, you can look at their profile and use the heart button to say you're interested.

They'll only find out if they press the heart button too, which opens up the chat feature.

I have responsibilities in life including a job that takes far too many precious hours and sees me being isolated far too much. It would be lovely to talk with people here and have some time, away from all the other things in life, that is just for me and you. As long as I have a clue what you are talking about.

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