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Progressive Conservative leadership elections 1927 · 1938 · 1942 · 1948 · 1956 · 1967 · 1976 · 1983 · 1993 · 1995 · 1998 · 2003 Canadian Alliance leadership elections 2000 · 2002 Conservative leadership elections 2004, 20 Conservative Party of Canada leadership election was held on May 27, 2017.Party members chose Andrew Scheer as leader, replacing Stephen Harper, who led the Conservative Party of Canada as its leader from 2004 following the merger of the Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties.These policies include how Canada should approach: employment, taxation, innovation, families, education, competitiveness, energy self-reliance, cities, agriculture, poverty, homelessness, First Nations peoples, the Métis, refugees, the Monarchy, justice, health care, protecting wilderness, forestry, mining, international diplomacy, terrorism, democratic reform, cyber-security, Canadian culture, northern development, and national defence.

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Was prominent in the Conservative government's handling of the Syrian refugee crisis and in the government's promise during the 2015 election to create a telephone tip line to report so-called "barbaric cultural practices." Maxime Bernier, 54, is the MP for Beauce, Quebec (2006–present) and was the Shadow Minister of Innovation (2015—2016).

He served in the Harper government as Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism (2011–2015), Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007–2008), and Minister of Industry (2006–2007), Prior to entering federal politics in 2006, Bernier, a lawyer by training, was vice-president of the Standard Life of Canada Insurance company, MEI, and manager of corporate and international relations at the Commission des valeurs mobilières du Québec.

Kellie Leitch, 47, is the MP for Simcoe—Grey, Ontario (2011–present), and was the Shadow Minister of Health (2015–2016).

In the Harper cabinet she was Minister of Labour and the Status of Women (2013–2015).

Lisa Raitt, 49, is the MP for Milton, Ontario (2015–present), previously Halton, Ontario (2008–2015) and the former Shadow Minister of Finance (2015–2016), Minister of Transport (2013–2015), Minister of Labour (2010–2013), Minister of Natural Resources (2008–2010), President and CEO of the Toronto Port Authority (2002–2008).