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Lost in Jay’s touch, his kisses, and his scent, Laura is secretly pleased that the formula failed.During their intimate encounter, Jay’s touches affect more than her body. Their play is halted when they get a phone call from lab security informing them that the lab has been broken into.Circa 2003, or so, Annie’s employer contracted a lowest-bidder to produce a relatively massive . The code was built, signed off, and chucked into production without any of the in-house developers being involved, despite being the team that would support it in the long term.

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Laura discovers that the vials have been tampered with and the serum Jay had taken earlier that day was a libido enhancer, not a suppressant.

Since Jay has never paid attention to her sexually, she naturally assumes this is why they ended up becoming intimate.

I’ve heard of writers who do the synopsis before they write a word of the novel, but I’m not one of them.

I never write my synopsis until the manuscript is complete--and usually polished. I’ve asked around and found I had a lot of company.

Sometimes you might even need to do that synopsis first, maybe for an agent or an editor, maybe on more than one book.

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    "Choose someone who is your voltage type -- has the same level of intensity about life.

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    Using Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) pronouncements and guidelines, the complex relationship between reporting methods and statements is examined.

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    The site is considered one of the oldest of Ghent and it is a cultural and touristic hotspot of the city.

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    This week, her former beau Chris Brown commented with the eyes emoji beneath Rihanna's revealing carnival outfit.