Funny rules dating my son Sex chat pic swap

I was a single mom until two years ago when I met a wonderful man and married him.

I moved to the city that my husband lived and now live with him and his 3 teen-age kids.

Ever since then, my husband says that my now 10 years old son has sexual feelings for me and touchs me in a funny way.

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He was the cutest child and I loved holding him and kissing him and watching while he slept.

I would try to start him in his own bed but he would always wake up and come to my bed later in the night.

It's been a bumpy ride for me adjusting to our new living situation. I do have one big issue however that is making us fall apart.

When my son was born, he woke up alot as many kids do and my husband was unable to help.

My relationship with my ex wasn't great to begin with and this didn't help and we eventually got a divorce. He was even more sensetive and scared after the divorce and refused to sleep in his own bed.