Gambia dating scams

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Holiday love turned sour: Michael wooed Jane when she visited The Gambia on holiday with a friend while he was working in a local bar, but after they married she realised he wasn't quite the person she thought 'When I confronted Michael he just admitted it and laughed. When he became physically violent towards her Alanah fled home, where she discovered Jan was a serial philanderer, moving from British woman to British woman, and frequently getting them - Alanah included - pregnant.

Despite warnings from family and friends, Alanah returned to Marmaris in 2011, but her relationship with Jan soon soured, with money running out and Jan spending more time out of the house, leading Alanah to believe he was having an affair.

Definition 0f a Bumster ‘In The Gambia, a young man who solicits money or favors from tourists.

We are private detectives who specialize in investigating infidelity in long distance relationships.

Remember talk is cheap, scammers know exactly what to say, they exchange stories with other scammers and know what to do and say to manipulate the situation to their advantage, never underestimate them and what they are capable of.