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Hand operative Lady Bullseye ambushed Angela in her own home and stabbed her through the chest, killing her, but only to resurrect her as a new Hand vessel.

From this point onwards Angela aided Lady Bullseye in her crusade to break Murdock alongside Black Tarantula, Carlos La Muerto.

White Tiger Amulet channeled the power of the Tiger God for Angela, the first thing mankind feared in the dark.

The tiger spirit was linked to her through the amulets, increasing her abilities under normal conditions, but especially when she was in direct contact with the amulets.

Angela was eventually imprisoned, and she was transferred at some point to the Cellar, New York's newest super-penitentiary. As part of his alliance with the Maker, Angela joined his New Revengers. Martial Arts: Angela was trained in martial arts from her Uncle Hector and from "Uncle Danny" the Iron Fist and Daredevil.