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In any big city it takes a long time to create a stable circle of quality friendships. Come out here and visit first before you decide to move. I don't like making a wrong turn and ending up in the straight up ghetto. Even if you don't find the love of your life, you'll probably make a lot of good friends, which is just as important. My son is at Ohio State and I'm from there, so I know Columbus and I live here and have a bunch of friends & business associates who are gay (hey, it's real estate). But you will have access to the "high target environments" when you want to. Im looking at Columbus, Oh (the gay mecca of Ohio) and other places as well.

If you always wanted to move to LA and its in your gut: Do it! count gays amongst my close friends and they are just like everyone else. You said you had friends in the area, maybe you can stay with one of them for a week or two while you check out the local scene. There are alot of gay dudes in OC and the beaches in OC compared to LA County are better. After you've met some friends with places in Palm Springs, you'll have a ball as it is also a very open resort town just 2 hours away. My concern: is LA worth moving all the way across the country for?! If I can get a big gay community in Columbus for half the cost of living as LA, it makes more sense for me to do that, and still be closer to family. Im interested why you said you'd stay in Ohio though?

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