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"Me "Yes I had my left foot removed, I mean amputated-"Scamer "No ma'am, I mean vaginal sling-"Me "Oh a swing, I think I have one of those in my back yard- I call it my hammock- It's really nice-"Scamer "Ok ma'am, have a nice day good bye-"He then hung up and it was over- By the way I really still have two feet- This happened about an hour before this post- I am just going to keep screwing them, and they are not the only ones Got a call from this number, called me by name and asked if I knew our neighbor and called his name- I said yes, he asked if I had their phone number and if I knew whether he was still working- Said he was an old friend, which I was a bit leary of the whole situation- I told him I didn't have their phone number or whether or not he was working- He thanked me and hung up- Don't know how he got our name or number, but I guess you can get that through public records in our county AC Triangle Cary, NC, , If you are looking for a contractor to fill all of your HVAC needs for your business or home then you have come to the right place- AC Triangle provides free estimates for your projects, large or small- We work with you to schedule a service call that's as quick and convenient as possible- Once your service call is scheduled, we'll be at your front door on time and ready to work- HVAC Contractor, Commercial HVAC, HVAC Services, HVAC Repair Services, Air Conditioning & Heating Air Conditioning Service, Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning Repair Service, Heating Contractor, Pine Ridge Apartments, Oakwood Heights actriangleaz-com Green Up Lawn Care Harlow Ct Yardley, PA ()-greenupservices-com Green Up Landscaping is a landscaper that offers customers in Yardley PA- Services: Lawn Care, Lawn Care Service, Tree Service, Lawn Seeding, Tree Sprayingsame problem, I'm still in bankruptcy and they are already calling me with the same story you must pay the full k in full-Uhm, I own nothing, have nothing, and still going through bankruptcy-What I think is an move is that even if you were current and paying every month to Citi Bank Student Loans, just by filing it grounds for default even if you are in good standing-So if you plan to go bankrupt, expect to default regardless with these asshats I was spammed to promote a web-site that contains the text: Sales Mobile Home Limited S USAAddress : lauren park, NJ, United States Customer care service number : , Email : email Skype : info-salesmobilehomeltd salesmoobilehomeltds (C)First, there is no "city" named between the "address" ( Lauren Park) and the "state" (New Jersey)-Second, the '' area-code is Southern California, not New Jersey-They offered me i Phone S for for the first , and "free" for the th and the th- Too good to be true?

YESGot a call from this number after getting a call from a different number with a CA area code () earlier today- Picked up, got a message that said "This number not valid-" Called back, it rang for a while and then ended in a busy signal There are no posts complaining of this number- No one- Your post may be treated as SPAM seeing as you know what the number is, but had no reason to come to notes, search for the number, and post under it- It is indeed a legitimate compounding pharmacy in Denton, Texas- That being said, the number calling you may have been spoofed (faked) so you have no idea who really called you, as you did not make the call This is the second () number that I have gotten this call and message from in the last month- I filed a complaint with the FCC (which anyone who gets one of these calls NEEDS TO DO to protect themselves)- The other number is a Vo IP line, () - but they tell you to call another number back - () , Here is what happens when you actually talk to them and it's a little scary: "Whoever these people are, they have been calling me non stop EVERY TIME I pick up they hang up- I finally called them back and a lady picked up stating her name was Natalie and that there is a legal complaint made against me in regards to a payday loan I took out in AS I RECALL IVE NEVER TOOK OUT A LOAN ONLINE and THE EMAIL ADDRESS SHE PRESENTED ME WITH, I CREATED IT in WHAT almost got is that she did read my whole SS# to me and I verified it BUT she presented my OLD OLD OLD address, a address I havent lived at in YEARS I then told her this is F BS, If your stating that I am in collections then THE COMPANY SHOULD BE ABLE TO FIND MY CURRENT ADDRESS bc i HAVE OTHER collection notices being mailed to my current address and I never called to update my address- I can RANT and RANT but at the end of the day ITS A DAMN SCAM THE number shown up on my phone was ,"They say that they are looking for you at your residence and place of employment, or that you have until the end of the day to contact them "or else-" The people who have called have stated that they have their banking info and social security numbers - VERY SCARYcalls in one day- Said I have government grant for - Did not know my name when asked who they thought they were talking to- Asked to stop calling- Calls continued under new number- Very fishy (phishing) if you ask me I keep gettig calls to my cell phone from , It was costing money every time I answered- So now I have to pay - extra per month for caller ID just so I don't waste my minutes- Wish I could forward the bill to these people Same scumbags, just new numbers : , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka , aka the dozens upon dozens of other numbers that they use or spoof are an illegal robocaller pretending to be Google- They are calling to offer to update your Google listing- It's a Fake Google Listing Scam and they are nothing more than a scumbag marketing company trying to sell you SEO and Pay Per Click ads- Just hang up on the call, block the number (if you can), and report the calls to the FTC-gov website I'm tired of receiving these calls- I'm on the DO NOT CALL LIST If the NSA is going to monitor everyone's phone calls, they can at the least Send in SEAL TEAM and take out this scum, or start collecting and distributing the fines applicable for their non-compliance I have received phone calls from this number and in the beginning another number- I can't put my hands on it right now- Is there any truth to this?

) accent telling me that my computer was full of corrupted files- She told me that they were calling me because I was the registered user on my computer- She told me that there were many corrupted files and they needed to understand what the problem was- Then she asked if my computer was on and what I could see on the screen- I said nothing- She said, "Nothing?? " I said that of course I could see the icons, but there is nothing else up on my screen- She then asked me what key was immediately to the right of my Ctrl key- I asked her for some more information about who she was calling from and why- She basically told me that I needed her to figure out what was wrong with my computer because it was sending out all sorts of error messages- I told her that I used several tools to clean my computer and then I asked her if this was a registry issue- She said, "Oh, yes, of course-" I told her I had a tool for that as well- They she said, "Please hang up the call, sir, you are wasting my time-" I said, "You are wasting my time, you called me-" Then I hung up on her These guys at () -, which is owned by a company called "Complete Recovery" keep robcalling my mobile number in clear violation of the TCPA- And my mobile number is listed on the federal do-not-call list- When you call them back, they claim they never called me- Meanwhile, their computer () - keeps calling my mobile phone So this guy named Kevin Thomas called numerous times over and over again-(I didn't answer because I did not recognized the number) and said he was a representative of "Mega Millions" and that I have won nd place on a major million dollar prize- He said he knew my address and If I would be available at my home around :am & if so that FBI agents would be there with my prize money all I needed to give them was my code: and name verification- When I asked him what was my name and Address he said he didn't have the info that he was the middle man, just needed to know if i was available for tomorrow- He then proceeded to ask for my work history marital status so forth and so forth-(which I did not give any info to the scammer)- He then said it was for the BBB- I no longer wanted to continue my conversation with this guy so I told him to have a good day and hanged up-So be careful about garbage phone calls like this here is the number to look out for () This person keeps calling me saying they are going to issue a warrant for my arrest because I'm "hiding" someone named Sammy Barker I've told them dozens of times I don't know who that is and to quit calling me- She just cusses at me and hangs up Just got a call from this person, caller ID was Davis, C- First call, the phone rang only a few times and then stopped- They called again only moments later, and this time it rang the correct number of times- No message ETNA Software is a technology solutions provider for capital markets, and has been operating internationally for more than ten years- We create custom trading software and capital market analysis systems for financial technology firms, retail brokers, market makers, exchanges and individual traders I just received a call from the same number- The lady, Jen said she wanted to rent my vacation property then she asked for my vrbo listing- Once I gave it to her she said she wanted to rent for extended stays for military families- Being that my husband was in the military I wanted to help- She said she would call me back tomorrow with more information and a website which would take minutes to explain all the details- After I hung up and started thinking about the call, I realize this must be some kind of scam- So I went to the computer and typed in her phone number and came across your complaint- Very concerned because she now has my number, email, and vacation property information This number has been calling me for the past year now looking for the previous user of my phone number- It is Trans World Systems, a debt collection agency- They call at least twice a day every day, at varying hours- Never is it an actual person whom I can ask to stop calling, just some robot recording you cant tell to f*ck off Robo Caller - Dustin with Carpet Tile Furniture Cleaning Services - They have used a rotating series of numbers for the past couple of years, and I have over dozen of their prior numbers blocked- Now they are using the area code - they don't care about DO NOT CALL- They don't provide you with a way to opt out - they just call and call and call (usually monthly, occasionally weekly, sometimes daily, and in one case I had to block numbers of theirs in a single day)Same as above poster- It's a call center telemarketing company than uses multiple numbers and they all read from the same script- assistant to so-and-so, don't know what call's regarding, can't put boss on the line, etc- I think they're hired by other companies to call on their behalf A different number has called (,) several times and left a message for me to call the , number- It is ALWAYS "cut off" at the beginning and starts with "call us about your account at," The fact that they have called several times and the first part of the automated message is always cut off the same way seems shady to me Chuck Wagner Tarot Master Park Ave New York, NY www-chuckwagnertarotmaster-com Chuck Wagner Tarotmaster is offering services like Astrology, Tarot Reading, Counseling & Meditation and Psychic Life Reading in New York, NY-Astrology, Tarot Reading, Counseling & Meditation, Psychic Life Reading, Psychic I'm eagerly awaiting my next call- I attended this church for years- This man claimed he would step down if his wife divorced him after years of neglect- When she did, he pulled an Oral Roberts and claimed that God wanted him to remain as their leader- That's when I bailed- Good speaker, despicable man in my educated opinion- Oh yeah, and his son could stand to learn from his own words too over at Northpoint Church in Alpharetta- Headed down the same road if you ask me- These days, I sleep in (and very well) on Sunday mornings Received a call from ? t call- Claims she got my number from care-com (I verified that no one by that name checked into my profile)- Anyway, she wanted to send me a check for all items she was needing ~ I could wait until it cleared, blah, blah, blah- THIS IS A SCAM- SO MANY RED FLAGS prevailed that I kept texting to see where this would actually lead- Of course, transmission was stopped at my end once I retrieved enough information- PLEASE, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TYPE OF SAD STORY ~ THIS IS NOT A LEGITIMATE REQUEST- If you cash any check, and it eventually bounces, YOU will be on the hook for the repayment- DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY OF THESE TYPES OF EMAILS- I have since received others that are the same story line, different name and number Called asking for my husband to have ME call back with the same story as others-"It's in her best interest" "documents are a level priority" "need to confirm address for documents to be sent to the clerks office" Blah blah blah If the Feds can find my address for Jury Duty then so could someone if it was a legit case Care to give us a clue as to what they said?

Y'see, my ouija board has not yet returned from the overseas computer fix-it shop that called me the other night, and showed me all the errors it was making, so I cannot determine the validity of your call- However, the area code is frequently used by scammers I too have various charges off my prepaid debit card from these people- One time is is - and then another ,its ridiculous, but I am glad that I have a prepaid debit card and there wasn't enough money on the card for them to take anything besides the ,what some crooks They are a scam and I too never got anything in the mail from Grant Broker I just received an email asking for a quote that doesnt look right-) quoting in inches - Australia use MM) No signature in bottom of email-) a quick google search of "CARE CHARITY CENTER" and nothing comes up) google search his email and this thread came up-I would love to hope he was legit as its a reasonable size order by the looks of this thread i will be taking extra caution-Dear sir madam, Please am inquiring if you can make some Labels for me and Below is the type of Labels i want to order: Label Ref :-CARE CHARITY CENTERLabel Size:- x th Material:- Gloss white paper with permanent adhesive-Print wo Colours Presentation:- Rolls of approx , labels-Quantity:-, Kindly e-mail me back with the quotes Price of the Labels-and how long it will take you to supply me -Looking forward to hear from you-Martinhave so far received two hang-up calls, looking at this list of pages of complaints dating back to February, why can't this be stopped?

s offices: consumerfraudreporting-org stateattorneygenerallist-php File a complaint at the NY State AG's Office here: www-ag-ny-govi saw this same # posted in the harrisburg, PA Craigslist casual encounters,where did you see it?