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A total of approximately 1,500 Les Paul KMs were made.

Our model has a nice flame top and dark cherryburst finish. Timm Kummer worked for Guitar Trader in the early ’80s.

The pickups are one double white and one zebra under the covers.

The truss rod covers are inscribed with the model names.

There does not appear to be any pattern to the second four-digit number – it was used for marketing reasons to distinguish these guitars as limited editions by Bruce Bolen, then head of R&D.

They have a unique headstock shape and are are generally on the heavy side (high 9 to high 10 pounds), have the thin binding in cutaway, small black side dot markers, and a Nashville bridge.

It’s ironic that, at a time in which Gibson was going through great strife with declining sales and profit margins, rivalries between the new Nashville plant and the Kalamazoo plant, and the downsizing and eventual closure of the Kalamazoo plant by 1984, the company was able to experiment and respond to requests for guitars that more closely emulated the beloved Les Paul Standard of 1959 – even though some of these attempts were way off the mark!

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