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(It’s also not uncommon for my sex-radical friends to contact me asking dog training questions! If I had to guess, I’d say that my pups — including my 11 year old who has seen a lot — are utterly unconcerned with it and see it as just one more weird thing humans do with each other. One of my favorite poets Andrea Gibson recently released a new spoken-word album and on it is a fantastic poem about her dog Squash (click here to watch a video of her reading it to her dog).

If you’re engaged in sexual activity, supervising your dog is unlikely to be your primary area of focus. 1 rule for sex and relationships, and it definitely comes into play here as well.

Figure out what you want and the boundaries of where you are comfortable being or not being, and then communicate those needs/desires to your partner.

He was promptly arrested, and police found the seventeen-year-old outside in his van. Parks has a long record in Ohio, including a number of violations tied to the operation of a strip club and other after-hours bars, court records show.

His attorney, Hogan, told the Post-Dispatch that prosecutors had agreed to a plea deal for five years, but Parks would not go for it.

I wear a lot of hats, as it were, and walk in a lot of worlds.