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Despite the scars, we’re hopefully wiser, more empowered and stronger than we allowed our previous self to be as a result of the experience.

Of course that mindset is usually reached quite some time after we have undergone our own private hell.

I feel so privileged that I am now able to see the gifts of my initially terrible situation,” says Stacey who wishes the same turn-around experience for other women going through this difficult time.

One of her treasured gifts is how her divorce ultimately changed and empowered her. I am more confident, assertive, happy and compassionate.

Future content will include financial matters and planning. It took many years of fighting her fears and building up her confidence one small step at a time to reach the point where she is now able to help others. There are many women who have been through the process and emerged happy and complete, eventually. It can, in fact, be a catalyst to a better life,” says this petite dynamo who is determined to empower women through the expertise and support of The Divorce Source.