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To keep our trips affordable we do not build this cost into our pricing.When mid or final payments are due, it’s your choice to charge or not.We love intrepid tourists who are willing to embrace the unpredictability and exoticism of foreign lands.

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Suzy is renowned as an excellent shopper and her skills to negotiate hard getting the best price without cutting corners, we do have larger groups to give you the best cost. * Revocation of previously granted military leave or reassignment due to war * Revocation of previously approved time off from work * You will also be covered when your travel plans change if you are: * directly involved in your company’s merger or acquisition * if they are a victim of a felonious assault within 10 days of the departure date * if family or friends living abroad with whom you are planning to stay are unable to provide accommodations due to a covered illness, injury or death * Those living in Florida should call 888-885-7233 to get a special rate.

ENHANCED BENEFITS: * Job termination or layoff provided your employed by the same employer for one continuous year – no longer a two year employment requirement * Mental or nervous conditions are covered if you are hospitalized for any length of time – no longer required to meet three day minimum EXCLUSIVE & UNIQUE BENEFITS REMAIN UNCHANGED: * Up to 100% cash back Cancel For Any Reason Benefit (see plans for details) * Hurricane Warning Benefit * Up to $300 coverage for Travel Arrangements purchased on the trip * Hospital of Choice for Emergency Evacuations * Up to $25,000 for Non-Medical Emergency Evacuations * Up to $150 for re-banking fees associated with frequent flyer tickets * Up to $150 to cover airline change or reissue fees if a trip is canceled by Travel Supplier * Free One Call Travel Solutions Business & Concierge Services “When should I buy it?

If charging our site will add a 4% cc processing fee to cover our processing cost. If you live outside the USA, bank wire instruction is available upon request.

We are proud of our prices and offer you a great value.

Just google various travel search engines to see if you can get a better rate. Nearly all of our hotels and lodges are first class, superior or deluxe usually with a 4 to 5 star rating.