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On the surface, this sounds like a very nice statement, but what it ultimately implies is that there are factors in compatibility and attraction that we cannot sense ourselves and we need someone else’s help, someone far more clever than us, to research the subject and make those decisions for us. Call me old-fashioned or a hopeless romantic, but I wouldn’t want a bunch of stuffy academics locked away in a lab somewhere making decisions about my love life without ever having met me or spoken to me. It exists as a separate entity from the reality of day to day existence, as anyone who’s been to university will tell you. A good therapist relies on intuition and common sense on top of their years of education, theory and case studies.

There’s been a lot of talk on the industry sites recently about personality testing and matching on various dating sites and whether or not they work.

For people who run dating sites, personality tests provide that little bit extra they can offer their customers to get them to choose you over others.

This is bad in the same way that bombarding people with cheap fast food is bad.

It makes people lazy and stops them from developing the skills they need to function as independent individuals.

Transparency is a nice idea, but most end users on dating sites wouldn’t care about or understand the very complicated algorithms used in any reasonably crafted compatibility test.