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The person must hold a seller's permit regardless of the number of sales of tangible personal property actually made.

For example, if the person makes only two sales, a sale of a hammer and a sale of the business, neither sale is an occasional sale. A person intends to create and sell custom furniture.

Sales of used lug boxes, obsolete or used machinery, food handling and similar items are of a character that three or more sales of sufficient scope will require the processor to hold a seller's permit for this selling activity. A hospital may operate a pharmacy and cafeteria as an adjunct to the hospital. Examples of this are sales of grocery stores and liquor stores making both exempt sales of food products for human consumption and taxable sales of other tangible personal property, service stations which sell gasoline, oil and similar items and which also perform automotive repairs and lubrication services, and computer stores which also provide training in the use of computers and repairs for computer products. Where a service enterprise and a sales business are operated together so as to constitute one business, tax will apply to the sale of the assets of the business.

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Generally, a person who makes three or more sales for substantial amounts in a period of 12 months is required to hold a seller's permit regardless of whether the sales are at retail or are for resale.

Each sale of the person during the 12 month period is included in determining whether that person is required to hold a permit, or would be required to hold a permit if the activities were conducted entirely inside this state.

The sale in that series of sales, and subsequent sales, during any 12-month period which resulted in the requirement to hold a permit are subject to tax, unless otherwise exempt. Generally the minimum number of sales to require the holding of a seller's permit by a person not otherwise engaged in a selling activity is three within any 12 month period. When calculating the minimum number of sales which requires a person to hold a seller's permit, the following types of sales are excluded: a.

Sales made by an auctioneer on behalf of the person.

Tax applies to all retail sales of tangible personal property including capital assets whether sold in one transaction or in a series of sales, held or used by the seller in the course of an activity or activities for which a seller's permit or permits is required or would be required if the activity or activities were conducted in this state.