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This signaling allows the presence of a conformant device to be detected by the power source, and allows the device and source to negotiate the amount of power required or available" notice in that when they say they reduce power, they don't say wether they reduce amperage or Voltage.

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I have managed to connect to the NVR remotely using DHCP, the IP address of the NVR is unique to the network but each of the cameras run on IP addresses already assigned to other devices, namely .3 and .4.

Remote access on the network is lightning fast, the resolution is excellent and the playback facility is really good.

Michael MR2 writes..uses a negotiation system to ensure the camera gets the right voltage..

there is Po E ( which carries twice the power, but shouldnt be relevant for any of us. "In addition to standardizing existing practice for spare-pair and common-mode data pair power transmission, the IEEE Po E standards provide for signalling between the power source equipment (PSE) and powered device (PD).

id=5561 I saw some in a store today that looked very slimline, but the ceiling was too high to make out the brand. Will this setup work well or rather get a NVR instead?

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