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Who among us would want to be recorded -- continuously and secretly -- in our daily employment?

I also worry about how such evidence might be interpreted by lay observers.

It was just after this conversation that a press release landed in my inbox promoting Certified, an organization that bills itself as one of the nation's largest educators and certifiers of caregivers.

Its executive director was commenting that there are an awful lot of new devices intended to help keep our aging parents in their own homes, but these technologies only work if someone on the other end is paying attention. Things like interactive cameras, motion detectors and smart toilets are all terrific, but just like the Nanny Cams we used when our kids were small and we wanted to check up on the people whose care we left them in, somebody needs to be watching.

Nanny camera setups that allow monitoring over the internet may be used as a tool that allows the child of an aging parent to visually check in on his or her mom or dad more frequently than physical visitations allow.