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Granted, I’ve combated that deprivation by joining clubs and meeting people around campus (and I can’t say that foregoing awkward dormcest drama is necessarily a negative…), but I’m still living a less-than-Animal House college career.

In terms of dating and hooking up, I can only speak anecdotally, based on the experiences of my friends.

And I’ll also be honest about the things I don’t always love about my women’s college experience.

Wonder Woman's appeal beyond popular culture can be attributed in part to her survival, often her flourishing, in a medium predisposed to male homosocial codes and activities.

Princess Diana's background, as opposed to her secret American identity as Diana Prince, implied the broader cultural politics of a matriarchal society without men, while having allowed discreet glimpses of lesbian and women's homosocial culture long before such views could be publicly and legally acknowledged.

” And, of course, the concise but far-reaching: “Why?

I don’t claim to speak from every student’s perspective, but I will try to answer why, from my experience, women’s colleges are viable institutions.

There are things that I love and things that could be better.