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In this article we will look at the steps for building such a custom control as well as how to use the control in an ASP. The custom control's complete source code and a demo application are available for download at the end of this article. If you have programmatically bound data to the Grid View, then you will need to create an event handler for the property is toggled.

This functionality enables the Grid View control to provide built-in, bi-directional sorting.

When I implemented the up and down arrow images for the Data Grid control in Part 18 of the An Extensive Examination of the Data Grid Web Control article series, I put the code that added (or removed) the arrow images in the ASP. Specifically, the code enumerated the Data Grid's properties.

In short, I could have implemented the up and down arrow images in the Grid View using code in the ASP.

If it is your first MVC project then check the structure of application, Content (contains theme and css files), Controllers (contains our controller classes), Models (Models to use in view to pass values from page to controllers) and Views (page UI).