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I told GSOH about the email I got from my friend’s mum, telling me about her sex life, and the way the Henley Boy conspiracy theories were going viral and international!

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And if the Fake Pimpernel is anywhere near as nice and interesting as GSOH then Ski Bunny has done very well, despite never having met either guy! Having realised that blind dates are more fun when they’re properly blind, I resisted the urge to try to find him on Facebook and went into the date completely blind.

All I knew was that he was probably a former ski seasonnaire (as his friend knew the Ski Bunny from another ski season) and that he would be wearing grey jeans, and a black polo shirt, and standing in the centre of King’s Cross station.

When I get on well with a date, I want them to know about it, so I don’t feel like I’m writing it behind their back.

When the date is less than perfect, I hope they know nothing about it, so I know I can write honestly about the evening and not have to face the issue of them reading just how unimpressed I was!

And so the only two seats still available in the tiny stalls, also happened to be two of the best seats in the house!