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I'm a big chick I weight twice as much as the guy who says hes in love with me.thing is hes skinny & tall & decent looking (I think hes def what I would consider hot) but I just don't see how he could love someone that... I have all these insecurities eating me up but he assures me that he loves me & doesn't care what people say, I've already had comments & things said about us..anyway I want better for him, I feel like he deserves someone who is beautiful on the outside as well as in.I know that I can't give that to him.should I do? In fact when me and my friend would go out clubbing, he would tell everyone that he wanted a woman as big around as the table we were seated. At least you have someone and that is a lot more than a lot of people have.

I'm really fat like HUGE I'm not kidding & I'm not gonna sugar coat it.. advice please =[ You have to understand that each man is going to have different taste in what they are looking for in a women. There are lots of people who have nobody to squeeze them. If people stare at the two of you when you walk down the street side by side, then let them. If the two of you put smiles on each others faces, then it is nobody's business but yours and the guy you are with.

Keepers are open to seeing or doing things differently but don’t automatically give up their point of view.

He puts your relationship before his ego and isn’t afraid to apologise first in a fight. He’s has a mind of his own, but is open to compromise. He’s transparent about his emotions and intentions.

"So I have been with this girl for about 2 months now, and we have recently started to hold hands etc.," he wrote. If you're shy or scared about making a move (or your SO making a move), you're not alone.

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