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Also, regardless of how well or poorly your date goes, there are only two endings: success or failure.

Well, to be fair, there are technically three or four endings, since if you get success, you can choose how to react to Matthew's request to kiss you. It's hard for me to say how romantic this game is, since while Matthew is an adorable sweetie, you're only playing through a first date with a stranger (and half a date, at that).

Players not familiar with Axis Powers Hetalia might be a little bit confused by some details, but they certainly won't be left out in the snow.

This is one of those games that would-be creators should study, especially since it shows how art and animation can do the same job as writing in some places.

For those who don't know, Hetalia is a manga (and an anime) in which all of the characters are actually countries, so their personalities are based on national stereotypes.