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Everything I wrote is true as far as how I remember it.

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They know girls from classes (art, writing and such) outside the house.

I think about kids going to an all-girls or all-boys school, then I feel a tiny bit better.

For those of ya'll who are homeschooling highschool...your kids date? It has to be a little different dynamic than kids who go to traditional school, no? I don't know....kind of cuts down on the distraction for now..that can be helpful for learning at this hormone laden time..... Don't think they'd want to go to a PS dance though.

Or are your kids content to just delay that particular venture until a little farther down the road? I've been planning to go to the high school football/basketball games...know, the atmosphere.

Ah, homeschool: Not knowing whether you would see another human other than your mom for weeks at a time.