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:) I know, online forum so I'm sure there will be much trolling to be had.

If you can't smile about striking out, you won't survive long out here.

to detect other nations’ short- and medium-range ballistic missiles. Bishop met the woman at a conference in Hawaii on international military issues.

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Find Us The Flask is a North London institution; with a history dating back centuries it's been frequented by famous authors, playwrights and rockstars alike.

It wasn't the gentle drone of bees going about their routine business, but a high-pitched, loud, sustained hum - a sound you'd associate with high tension electricity or whirring machinery.

Also I have one feature - everyday in the morning I drink dew.

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The skies round our house were full of bees and more seemed to be joining by the second. Afterall, I could imagine the potential agony of a thousand stings. They had come from an established colony in our stonework and despite being unusually agitated, they were not aggressive.