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The unexpected trip certainly appears to give the couple some much-needed time off, as both have been busy working full time, caring for three children including a newborn, and campaigning for The Donald.

Ivanka, of course, couldn't resist a cute send-off from her kids, and on Wednesday night enjoyed a quick musical show by her three-year-old son, Joseph, who dressed up in an odd mix of accessories to wiggle for his mom on the living room table.

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He put all of that aside for what he's doing today, and I, as a daughter, am very proud of him.'On Tuesday, he claimed that 'Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment', something the Democratic candidate has never actually called for.

He then said 'maybe' the 'Second Amendment people' could do something about it.

I just loved being out in the woods all day, learning to track animals, observe their behavior and learning the details of accomplishing a successful hunt.

There is so much that goes into it; like staying down wind and keeping the sun at your back, differentiating animal tracks and even studying feces.

The unusual frames instantly gave her fresh white ensemble a high fashion feel and you can get your hands on the very same design by clicking to the right.