How accurate are dating scans at 12 weeks Adult chathost

We were called in to the scanning room and we were so excited watching our baby on screen.The sonographer was finding it hard to get a good view of the baby and then after a few moments she went quiet.The error margins are not much greater than those scans carried out in the second trimester.

Birth Stories – Incompatible with Life: “It took the walk from the Rotunda back across the city to Grafton street for the tears to start.

Flashes of realisation that there would be no baby at the end of this pregnancy: there would only be loss and grief.

Some mothers report that it offers them a chance to connect with their baby knowing that their time together might be very short.

Other mothers report that it enabled them to make difficult decisions about ending a pregnancy.

My EDD was changed accordingly.”“I was pretty sure of my dates but was delighted when at my 16 week booking appointment my scan moved me up a week but in hindsight, when I went to 41 weeks and was facing induction, I wish I had known to keep my EDD as it was.” Sometimes, scans are used to check if your pregnancy is progressing normally with a healthy baby or to diagnose a miscarriage, stillbirth, or threatened miscarriage.