How do scientists use half life in radiometric dating

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They did this by not letting the public know their true intention.

Since at this moment science does not have all the answers to DNA, they insinuate that evolution is wrong and the answer should be some place else.

This molecule contains the information needed to make a specific life-form, and which enables it to maintain and The DNA molecule is mysteriously broken down into genes.

One DNA molecule may have thousands of different genes or protein blueprints.

So when we speak of things that took place in the past, such as how life began, we are not talking about science in a strict sense, but rather our faith or beliefs that are based on various things: such as our personal observations, experiences, or assumptions with regard to written history, archeology, the geological/fossil record, and/or upon second or third-hand information that scientists, the media, or others have told us that they believe to be true.