How is time dating done

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It doesn’t help that we have less than a second to impress prospective mates with our prowess.

Princeton psychologists found that strangers form impressions within a tenth of a second of seeing our face. As for Konopacz, he’s hopeful he can keep his expectations in check when he joins a singles golf league he found on

At least you’re getting some action, and at least it’s well-thought out action.

Much like dating a player, it can make you feel pretty cheap when you pick up on the fact that they’ve done .

While a player will seem non-committal the whole time, a dating choreographer might have you convinced that you’ve found someone serious, but you almost definitely haven’t. It’s a mind f*ck: Even if they really like you, and you like them back, the fact that they’ve used the same lines and booked the same hard-to-get tables for likely dozens of other people can really ruin the mood.