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It is a well known fact among seasoned webmasters that free web hosts close with great frequency.

It's not just the small kid-in-the-basement web hosting operations that close. For example, in recent memory, Google closed their Google Page Creator service.

Judging from the way my visitor asked the question, he probably did so after reading the articles "How to Create / Start a Website: The Beginner's A-Z Guide" and possibly also "How Much Does It Cost to Set Up a Website? If you have not read those articles, you may want to at least read the Beginner's Guide since this article assumes that you have some basic knowledge of what "domain names" and "web hosts" mean.

For example, if your web host is "" (not a real web host), they may create a subdomain called "" which you can use for your website.

They belong to the owner of "" which is their web host. I'm a shrewd strategist and have kept a backup of all my files.