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She wanted me to stay at home, I wanted dorms, or a frat. Freshman year was at a college four hours away from home.

I wanted to something, and I was tired of jacking off to my Aunt's porn, or fantasies of ripping that one-piece from Mommy's body, mounting her from behind and... My friends were sympathetic to my sexual needs, and they had friends on campus.

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One of the first things she did with me was take me in her mouth and make me see stars. The first month of college was a blur of sex, sex, and studying. I parked my piece-of-shit Toyota Corolla behind hers and grabbed my weekend bag and heaved it inside.

My thickness was a "real challenge" for her, she told me. Gail blew up my phone whenever she had a free moment, jonesing for my dick, tongue, and fingers. One weekend I decided to go home and visit Mom, get a break from the cock-hungry senior that couldn't get enough of me. I'd stuffed all my laundry into this big bag along with a few bricks masquerading as textbooks.

I waited until I knew my Mom wouldn't be home for a few hours, popped it in my DVD player, and watched.

My Aunt Jenny's voice purred from my laptop speakers, her hand wrapped around a man's cock, remarking upon how large it was, how .

(Thanks Mom.) Thankfully, my Aunt Jenny was there to act as a balance (of sorts) to Mom's prudish attitude. Six foot five, HH bust size (at least), curvy ass, red hair down to the small of her back, and her voice... (This was at a small family dinner, just Jenny, Judith, and I.