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How have you been coping, as a single mother with two kids? I am a happy woman in all ramifications and the envy of other ladies. I’m yet to get one and would not like to say much about that. Biodun Okeowo would not want to soil her integrity or disappoint her fans.

It’s one question I don’t like going deep into for personal reasons. Did your parents especially, your father being a pastor, object to your chosen career?

We are pencils in the hand of the creator, he knows and directs our lives. What lessons did you learn from your previous marriage? It taught me to be a better person and has opened a hidden part of me. But if you say female artistes are more favoured than the male artistes then I’ll say you are right. I did some wishy-washy jobs because I grabbed every job that came my way.

Then I was younger but I have learnt that what will be will be, no matter what. How would you rate Nollywood in comparison with other film industries around the world? Unfortunately for me those jobs didn’t come out until I have already become an established actress in the business.

I'm 18, female a virgin and never kissed or had a boyfriend. I'm scared of getting a boyfriend or husband, I have no idea how he'd feel about this.