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But super nightclubs also serve as a platform for prostitution outside the venue’s walls — sometimes only as far away as an adjacent hotel.

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They listen to African Tribal Music while smoking pot (if they smoke pot).

The problem usually is introduced when Family becomes part of the picture. Coming in (a close second) are Shi'a men who usually have either Communist leanings, and/or are members of the Hezb.

“Talk to the manager if you want to set a date.” When asked if it was possible to set a date that night, she said no, customers have to wait until the next day.

General Security regulates super nightclubs and, according to owners, no sex is permitted in the club.

How it works In mid-July, a 21-year-old prostitute from the Dominican Republic danced onstage at a super nightclub in the Maamaltein district of Jounieh. Men are not allowed to speak with artists like Julia at super nightclubs unless they pay for it.