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But, it was not to last, she did not want to come back home, so we ended it there and moved on. Sahana, my wife, on the other hand was not that type of women, she was not conservative per se, she was not religious, but was not very liberal, and at least not in the way she dressed.

The first time it was painful for her as she was a virgin.

So the next day, I had to take it slow to not as to cause her discomfort.

I, once living a very westernized lifestyle in Australia, took a very liberal outlook on life.

I liked women that dressed well, knew how to show skin and was confident in it.

I knew I had to wait for the day when I would be able to enjoy her naked tits. But I still took it slowly and judging from the expressions of pain from her face, did not have the heart to go at the normal speed.