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Balance that against a twenty per cent chance of having side effects, some of which are very unpleasant and long-lasting, and you can see why I am not a fan of statins. Currently I am sifting through the original ASCOT paper to find out exactly what they did study, and what they found, and suchlike.

The problem with trying to get to grips with research like this is that there are figures, and more figures, and data and exclusion criteria, and things that are not fully explained.

On the other hand, the Statin USAGE survey found that 30% of people experience muscle pain and/or weakness when on a statin. You could argue that the nocebo effect can only account for 0.26% of adverse effects.

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These results will help assure both physicians and patients that most AEs associated with statins are not causally related to use of the drug and should help counter the adverse effect on public health of exaggerated claims about statin-related side-effects.’‘The Anglo-Scandinavian Outcomes Trial (ASCOT) is an independent, investigator-initiated and investigator-led multicentre, randomised trial designed to compare two antihypertensive treatment strategies for the prevention of CHD events…

The ASCOT study was published over fifteen years ago.

In total 37 more people complained of muscle pain on the statin. It was an absolute increase, in the risk of reporting adverse effects, of 0.26%.

Compare and contrast this figure with the findings of the ‘Statin USAGE’ study.

Some of you will have noted that researchers have now decided that statins do not have any side effects at all.