Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing filipina lady online dating site

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On one form I have a datagrid control with an ADO recordset as its data source the code is as follows: - Dim Rs As ADODB. However, when I edit the text within a cell and then cause the update event to fire I get the following message and the update does not occur: - Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing Can anyone advise me of the cause of this message and how to fix the problem?

This is the standard security role for Forumla Manager which allows users to read formula data and therefore execute formulae when an action is carried out.

This security role should be assigned to all users of the system that do not have the "North52 Formula Manager - Administrator" role.

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I’ve attached a guide that outlines general best practices with Smart Data Access. This blog will focus on basic setup of Smart Data Access (SDA) and then outline some problems that customers have encountered.

There is a primary key on a 5th field which is Auto Incr so i dont update manually.