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Not only that, but she takes cues from how Dad treats Mom as she grows up about what to expect as a woman who is in a relationship with a man.

So Dad sets up his daughter's marriage relationship too.

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A call to dads to step up to the plate to become the loving, actively engaged father that a daughter needs for life and relational success.

I knew exactly where she was, but I had left it up to her when to finally come home. I prefer to have them learn to be accountable and responsible and the best way to do that is to give them responsibility, trust them, and stay close to them.

RANDY: You will notice, Brenda, that we haven't put the stamp of approval on sixteen as the “magic number” for dating.

She will also stand up for herself if males attempt to take advantage of her, because she knows that her daddy would never treat her that way or allow her to be treated that way. The Impact of AWOL Dads Father figures are so important in the home that some girls who don't grow up with a good daddy develop what is called father hunger.