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same with her little friends.i'd be careful of that one Up to this point, I've been liking the guy. I took this as far as I could legally and her sexual predator only got 4 months in the house of correction. Do telling you the truth make him a different person that you would denied all the good stuff he has???It is a tough question to answer that if you should romantically involved with him.So he did and they ended up back at his place and they started to f*ck around.

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At that point, she admitted to being only 14 years old.

He freaked out and took her home but the damage was already done.

But the FBI busted down my door, and I spent a year in a federal penitentiary."First of all, the FBI does NOT bust down anyone's door for downloading a couple of illegal pictures.

If that were true, then half of the males in the United States would be in prison.

My best answer is you should check with the police record and find out more of his past history.