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I’ve got 2 sets of handcuffs, a whip, and a libido James Dean couldn’t satisfy, wanna be my Mr. ” So, being the gentleman I am, I responded with, “Mr. She was indeed cute, albeit slightly larger than her picture, but not quite a deal-breaker. I put my brother on the phone with her, and he explained. I had met a young lady in 2004 or 2005 on who was not drop-dead gorgeous but was really cute and athletic. We started sending written messages back and forth, and it seemed like our interests were aligned. So we talked that night, and she came clean: The pictures she had been sending me and those I had seen on her profile were not her, and if I saw her in person I wouldn’t be interested, and she feels really bad for leading me on, and how I would never understand the issues she has, and I’ll never understand because I’m an attractive guy, and she never gets to talk to anybody interesting. At that point, I called her up and said, “Listen, here’s the deal.

We pounded a couple beer/whiskey specials, and within 30 minutes we were making out in my car. Looks aren’t everything, but you’ve lied to me for months about who you are, what you like, that you’re physically active, that you go for runs … ” My online dating profile on e Harmony insists that women put a photo up before talking to me so that I don’t end up trying to date a cousin or friend.

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She pauses for a second, looks like she is formulating a thought.

Then she says, "So was Mother Mary a whore or what?

f you’ve escaped the digital hellworld of online dating, congratulations: You must be either in the 20 percent of Americans who find the practice “desperate,” or you’re a compulsive liar. We’d email pictures back and forth, as it was back before Face Time and Skype.

Either way, you can still enjoy the following recollections about online courtship gone awry. who I met once.” She then started checking in on me all the time. We had decided she was going to come to Oklahoma and visit.

Fortunately, I have never run into this problem, so apparently my profile is working.