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The abbey was founded as a Benedictine monastery by two of Charlemagne's cousins in 815 A. Reconstructed on its current site seven years later, the monastery later became home to a mint and occupied an important economic and cultural spot along the Hellweg, the medieval trading routes through what is now Germany.During the Reformation, the abbey remained Catholic on the border of the Protestant Brunswick state and, many years later, was secularized under Napoleon.

Piedmont, Italy Located in northern Italy near the French border, the vineyard landscape of Piedmont not only produces world-class wines, but is also the seat of important Italian history.

In addition to five distinct wine growing regions, the Castle of Cavour, dating back to the 13th century, has also been included under the UNESCO listing.

During this time, it was used as a temporary capital by the Joseon Dynasty (who ruled the area for five centuries) while the region was under attack.

Ancient architectural techniques, as well as modern modifications developed in response to the introduction of gunpowder, can be seen in this stunning structure.

Pergamon was an important cultural center during the Hellenistic Attalid Dynasty and was the capital of the empire from 281-133 B. The Library of Pergamon (whose ruins can still be seen today) was one of the greatest libraries in the world, said to have had almost 200,000 volumes according to Plutarch.