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I was not looking forward to the release of this album at all.

When I bought Hollywood Potato Chips I didn't know what to expect.

Have the Vandals not just released a new album as well?

:cool:[QUOTE=Afro Man]meh, Im not a big fan of the cover of Come Out Fighting.

[/QUOTE] Well, I heard the Vandals version before I heard the Pennywise one, so I'm probably biased.

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    Brian went on to host and produce for Al Gore's Current TV, a very popular web series called “7 Wonders of the Wall” for MSN and Campus Insiders.

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    Perfect Match offers a search function to find matches in addition to a compatibility test for match suggestions.

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    I come to, sitting upright, bare-ass naked in the middle of the wooden floor, clutching the receiver with one hand and my head with the other — purely to prevent it from exploding, you understand — and moaning quietly.