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The guy had two topics of conversation: “He talked about his ex constantly, and about how when he was in college the CIA—which he obnoxiously referred to as ‘the Company’—tried to recruit them.” The woman silently stirred her drink until the ice melted, at which point the man went to the bathroom.

Immediately, “she asked me for a shot and signaled her intent to leave him with the bill.” Down the hatch and out the door.

The fact that I like to watch National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, like photography, and would rather listen to Jeremy Davenport, Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon or James Taylor than a Mary J. I’m about 96% reserved square…as in Alfonso Ribeiro or Bryant Gumble. In the meantime, I plan to partake in fellowship at some area churches.

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I get stressed when in social situations, especially in large groups and with people who I don’t know. but if I wanted to go that route, there are obstacles there too. I am now too old to date most of the women in my desired age group (which is 24-36). Being able to market yourself as a viable man is expensive. I want a better employment situation before dealing with a serious relationship.

It’s more like a shy actors ability to get through a scene. I’m using the most popular online service available…. But this time, having some experience with online dating, my expectations have been lowered. I’m in the category between 25k and 35k and I’m not considered a viable match for a lot of women from a financial standpoint (which is why I am not looking for any serious dating relationships.

The ideal mate across the board (all ethnic groups of women) is still a white male, successful, earning 50k or more a year.

It was a problem the last time I tried to date, and obviously that is the kind of problem that will never go away.

Oh yeah, it’s a horror flick that also incorporates interracial dating, Black people in horror movie stereotypes, fear of white people and a hint of bugged out comedy.