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Between the countless mobile dating services on the market - Bumble, Tinder, Grindr, Her, Ok Cupid, Scruff, and Hinge among them - today’s young lovers have access to more potential mates than ever. (Ninety percent of its users are aged 23 to 36.) These apps have gently begun to sway their user base to a paid model.

Tinder launched a paid monthly subscription - .58 to .99 a month, based on the length of subscription - and in-app purchases in spring 2015.

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That may be partly because apps such as Tinder come in just under the wire of what millennials consider an acceptable cost.

Their monthly fees are roughly the cost of a month of Netflix or Spotify - or even the price of one drink on one of the many dates users hope to get.

Bumble was free until August, when it launched a monthly subscription service - $6 to $9.99 a month.

The most recent convert is Hinge, which had been free since 2013 but this month began charging $7 a month for its paid service.

Today, a third of its paid subscriptions are bought by millennials, said Jason Marchant, chief product officer.