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With the most recent additions, this brings the total size of the collection to some 15 million records and spans the years from 1842 to 1913. [Ireland Petty Sessions Court Registers] National – The Church of Ireland has put online the church’s official weekly gazette for the year 1913.

The Church of Ireland gazette essentially served as the weekly newspaper for the church. [Church of Ireland 1913 Gazette] If you know of new online genealogy records that we may have missed then please send us an email at [email protected] can include genealogy records from anywhere in the world and in any language.

This collection has been digitized from the British Library, with which Brightsolid (the parent company of Find Mypast) has a long-term digitization agreement.

What's New List of First Name Abbreviations New Genealogy Records Ten Effective Strategies on How to Build a Family Tree Google Limitations on Genealogy Searches A Country Guide to Google Search Engines Below is a list and description of the most recent genealogy records for Ireland (see list of most recent records for other countries).

Many of these records can be searched using our free Genealogy Search Engine.

Newspapers are a great source for obituaries, wedding announcements, birth announcements and general news stories. [Historic Irish Newspapers] National – The Irish Genealogical Research Society’s marriage database has now reached 50,000 names.

This database is a good source for pre-civil registration marriages in Ireland and it is comprised of information from a variety of non-traditional sources such as chancery bills, diaries, deeds, marriage settlements, memorial inscriptions, wills, family letter and newspapers.

National – Find My Past has added an additional 500,000 pages this month to their Irish newspaper collection.