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Alternative calculations, using the 2002 census figure as a base, estimated that Irish Travellers probably number over 25,000 today.

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Unfortunately, the current recession means that their situation is unlikely to improve any time in the near future.

The 2006 Census records the number of Travellers usually resident in Ireland as 23,509, though this figure has been disputed due to the manner in which the relevant question was posed.

In return, the government dropped a more serious racketeering charge, May said.

Two of the lead investigators – FBI agent Ron Grosse and Rick Nelson of the U. Marshal’s office – sat with May at the prosecution table. attorney, described the Irish Travelers as being part of “an insular group in North Augusta ...

Travellers also earned their keep by engaging in horse-trading, scrap dealing and craftwork, while also being a valued source of news and lively entertainment.