Is audrina dating corey 2016

"Lauren and I were living in the apartment together and we were having a Halloween party and I invited Corey.

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I got used to it eventually, but probably the hardest ones to watch were the crying scenes, just whenever I got emotional and [would] cry." Ten years later, Patridge feels like she's "all grown up now." She’s engaged to BMX rider Corey Bohan, and the two are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, in July.

Patridge reminded us that her Australian fiancé actually made a few appearances on "Corey was on the show for a hot second," she dished.

The 32-year-old mom handed over 15-month-old daughter Kirra Max to the pro BMX biker, 35, for a 7-hour visit before meeting up again later for another swap.

The estranged duo looked to be on good terms, briefly chatting before Corey handed over a bag of baby supplies to his ex.

"I was always shown in a light where I was just kind of sitting there, listening all the time and not giving [anything], they would never let me let my voice out," she spilled.