Is audrina still dating corey bohan who is archie bunker dating

In those eight years, they went through some dark times that were chronicled on Patridge’s reality show, , in 2011. You get to a point where you are just ready to move on, and you cannot take it anymore.” The Australian bike rider and the television personality had seemed happy after they tied the knot in November 2016 which is why the news came as a real shocker.

At the time, Patridge revealed: “It is something that was an ongoing thing that I talk about in the show. Photos posted on social media in the past few months gave the image of a happy family.

The document reads: “His aggressive behavior usually escalates whenever I am paying attention to work obligations, rather than to him.

When we are apart, he texts me obsessively, rattling my nerves and making it difficult for me to concentrate on my work commitments.” It continues: “His harassing behavior has recently become so extreme that I physically separated from him a few weeks ago.

Audrina and Bf Corey Bohan had just left Hyde when she hit the ground and started bawling.